October 21, 2015

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Here in Boston we are gearing up to welcome Señor Winter although it is Fall. In the past week we have seen temperatures drop  below 32 degrees which is, well, not good.  As we prepare for Halloween, we expect temperatures to drop even further which means we might see snow before snow is due to begin- as usual here in New England. With this in mind, I’ve looked up some important info that we all should keep in mind before, during and after a Winter  storm. 

Yes, I know they are the same warnings and same challenges that are faced and discussed every year, but every year many people die because they did not think of risks and dangers associated with extensive shoveling, warming up in the car with snow covered exhaust pipes and  inadequate carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.  Please always give yourself a refresher on what to do before, during and after a Winter storm as to avoid a tragedy. Have a safe and wonderful Fall everyone!

Copy and paste the link below for that refresher you so very much need:


Happy Halloween!